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Copyright 2021 - Danielle Ste. Just



“I had a great time reading it and have already recommended it to several friends.”

— Amazon review


“I loved reading about (Alexander’s) adventures and integrity. It is a lovely read.”

— Goodreads review


After his queen steals everything he has, he must give up even his vendetta to save his country.


Alexander has plunged from the height of society to its dregs. Although he thought he’d already sacrificed everything to his queen’s insatiable greed, Ethium’s insatiable monarch still wants more.

As he struggles to feed himself, all around him the city of Lac-Carge changes. Gaslamps now light the city streets and sandusk pellets propel motorboats and the fledgling ballooning industry. Yet, underneath this shiny new technology, magic still lives. 

While conscripted into service with the queen’s constable force, Alexander uncovers a plot against the young princess who is the heir to Ethium’s throne. Soon he realizes the queen herself is behind the plot. 

Enter Alexander's old flame, now a daring aviatrix; and his boyhood schoolmate, a receded thaumaturge whose powers may not have receded as much as he claims. Together, they must save Lac-Carge and its princess. 

Join Alexander, Chloe and Hugh as they battle walking dead, bloodthirsty beetles, the bitterest winter Lac-Carge has ever experienced, and everything the queen and her thaumaturgical allies can muster.