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Copyright 2021 - Danielle Ste. Just

Links to a few of Danielle's favorite authors 

Elizabeth Bear

Favorite works: Jacob's Ladder Trilogy; Karen Memory

Octavia E. Butler

Favorite works: Patternmaster series, most especially Wild Seed; Kindred

Robin McKinley

Favorite works: The Blue SwordThe Hero and the CrownChalice

Elizabeth Moon

Favorite works: Vatta's War series

Haruki Murakami

Favorite works: 1Q84The Elephant Vanishes

Sharon Shinn

Favorite works: Samaria series; Twelve Houses series; Elemental Blessings series

Dan Simmons

Favorite works: Hyperion CantosIllium/Olympos

Christina Steiner

Favorite works: The Sad Tree and PronubaThe Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly

Neal Stephenson

Favorite works: Snow CrashThe Diamond AgeCryptonomiconReadme

Sheri S. Tepper

Favorite works: The True Game series; The Arbai Series, most especially GrassBeautyThe Gate to Women's CountryGibbon's Decline and Fall

Martha Wells

Favorite works: Ile-Rien series, most especially Death of the NecromancerBooks of the RaksuraCity of Bones

Banana Yoshimoto

Favorite works: N.P.KitchenLizardAmritaGoodbye Tsugumi


and last, but certainly not least,

Jack Vance Website

Jack Vance Foreverness Tribute Site

Favorite works: The Demon PrincesTschai (Planet of Adventure); Alastor (Alastor Cluster); LyonesseThe Cadwall ChroniclesEmphyrioThe Blue WorldNight LampThe Dragon MastersChateau d'If and Other Stories